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-Eradicate Gastric Cancer-
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Training for the endoscopists

There is quite few numbers of doctors who can perform endoscopy in Bhutan. We started to train the doctors in order to find the early gastric cancer by endoscopy.



Our measure called train the trainer (TTT).


Bhutanese doctors report the cases at the end of the month to HIGAN.

In this way, they can verify their abilities to find the early gastric cancer with this reports.

TTT is a program designed to disseminate endoscopic skills to those endoscopists who hold training positions in their own countries near future.


Japanese professor Yao trained Bhutanese doctors.

Right now we are not able to travel to Bhutan due to COVID 19 pandemic.


However we still continue TTT by zoom with the help from Kyusyu University Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC).


In the future, we also like to provide the technique for ESD(endoscopic submucosal dissection).


Non-Profit Organization HIGAN

-Eradicate Gastric Cancer-

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