Welcome to HIGAN (Zero Helicobacter-related IGAN(which means Gastric cancer in Japanese) Network)!


Our mission is to let people know about the bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) to help prevent both gastric ulcers and cancers that it can cause.


We would like to work with medical professionals in countries where these bacteria are prevalent and help them to treat at-risk individuals.(On the map below of global gastric cancer distribution provided by WHO below, the region in red show countries with a high incidence of gastric cancer.


H. pylori used to be quite prevalent in Japan. Therefore, the incidence of gastric cancer was high. To eliminate gastric cancer, extensive research was carried out and nationwide screening program was established. Advanced Japanese medical technology, including endoscopic detection, has been very successful in significantly decreasing gastric cancer death in Japan. 


We would like to share with this medical technology and knowledge with the countries where H. pylori is prevalent  in order to prevent gastric cancer and ulcers.


Founding members include physicians, scientists, and environmentalists. We welcome you to join us.


April 2016 Chief director of HIGAN  Kamogawa



Tokyo Japan,

Fukuoka, Oita, Japan

Vienna Austria