2)【Diagnosis of early gastric cancer by magnifying endoscopy with narrow-band imaging(NBI】presented by professor K. Yao (Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital Japan)

八尾建史先生による NBI拡大内視鏡を用いた早期胃癌の診断

3)【Gastric cancer therapy: Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) 】presented by Dr. Noriya Uedo (Osaka International Cancer Center)


4)【H. pylori infection ; What should we do? 】 presented by professor David Y. Graham (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)


5)【H. pylori eradication for gastric cancer control 】 presented by Dr. Herrero (IARC, WHO, France)


6)【H. pylori: Virulence and gastric cancer pathogenesis presented by professor Yoshio Yamaoka (Oita University, Japan)


7)【H. pylori and gastric MALT lymphoma】 presented by professor Kazuo Oshimi 押味和夫先生による【ピロリ菌と MALTリンパ腫】

​1)【E-learning for the Endoscopic Diagnosis of Early Gastric Cancer】 presented by professor Kenshi Yao (Fukuoka University Chikushi hospital)

八尾建史先生による【早期胃癌発見のための内視鏡E-Learning】 NEW !

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