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E-Learning Course

E-learning by Dr. Kenshi Yao started in April 2020. The language is English, but the content is easy for anyone to learn, focusing on diagnostic imaging. This program is highly recommended for young doctors who wish to learn the world standard of early gastric cancer diagnosis by conventional endoscopy.

About 1,400 doctors from 60 countries have already registered for the program. Anyone can participate in the program by completing the registration (free of charge) from the tab below, and can repeat the study free of charge.

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E-learning for improving endoscopic detection of Early Gastric Cancer

This e-learning system was constructed for medical practitioners who would like to learn how to detect early gastric cancer by conventional white light endoscopy alone. It is free of charge. If you would like to access e-learning system, first you need to register yourself by clicking below red button 'TO THE SITE'. When you finish your registration, the URL of the e-learning system with your ID and password will be automatically sent to your e-mail address. If you click that URL in your e-mail, you can enter the actual contents. We wish that you would enjoy this e-learning.

Good luck!



​NOTE: All the personal information required for the registration will NOT be provided any other parties.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the system

Q1: I can’t log in the e-learning system

A1: Please try to type your ID & password directly into the columns, instead of copy & paste
A2: Please check the spelling of your ID & password carefully.​

Q2: I don't receive an e-mail informing me the URL of e-learning system.
A2-1: After you entered your all information in the form, did you push the "Registration" button on a confirmation screen?There were several people who forgot to press the registration button, and could not receive an email for ID and password as well.
A2-2: In the case that you can't receive an e-mail which tells you the right URL after pressing "Registration" button, please check whether the e-mail is classified as a junk mail instead of trying the registration again.

If you still cannot receive an e-mail after you tried this method or any other difficulties for this system, please let us know using "help message box" on this page in ENGLISH.

Help message box




​Thank you, please wait for the answer

We are providing educational videos related to gastric cancer. To watch them, press the blue button.



If you (your institute) wish to work with us, please send us your information from contact page.

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