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-Eradicate Gastric Cancer-
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H. pylori test and treatment in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the countries that has high gastric cancer death in the world.

In order to reduce gastric cancer death, the prevention is the most important and effective measure.

The prevention for the gastric cancer is to reduce infection with H. pylori.






​Dawakha (Bhutan)  is the the area where gastric cancer is prevalent. The infection rate for H pylori in Dawakha was 73% in 2019.






We provided the eradication drug for H pylori to the inhabitance in Dawakha (800, above 18 years old) in 2020, then 80% of them became bacteria free.



Endscopic examination was performed and we found 30-40 revealed peptic ulcer and few early gastric cancer cases. 

After the measure, we followed up and collect inhabitance’s comment for this project






We also helped to air the promotion video for gastric cancer.


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-Eradicate Gastric Cancer-

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