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A list of new information from HIGAN.

Dawakha Survey

2021.Nov- Dec

The post interventional survey was done in Dawakha by our staff and ministry of health Bhutan.

5th zoom TTT


The 5th Bhutan - Japan TTT was held by zoom with Kyushu University (TEMDEC) help. Early gastric cancer cases were reported.

4th zoom TTT

2021. August

The 4th Bhutan- Japan TTT for the endoscopist was held by zoom with the help of Kyusyu University (TEMDEC) help.


2021. June

The endoscopic examination for the Hp+, over 40 years old was done in Dawakha BHU.

3rd zoom TTT

2021. May

The 3rd TTT was perform by zoom with Kyushu University (TEMDEC) help.

UBT Test

2021. March

The eradication check was done by UBT at Dawakha.


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-Eradicate Gastric Cancer-

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