What can we do in order to prevent gastric  cancer?

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Our Mission Statement:

To eliminate gastric cancer in the world

What can we do now?

First, we will begin to educate people about a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a major causes of gastric cancer.  We will also provide information about gastric cancer.

What will we do next?

We will recommend testing to determine the presence of  H. pylori in the stomach so that the bacterium can be eliminated as early as possible.

What should people do if they are already infected with H. pylori?

We recommend that cancer-susceptible individuals undergo an endoscopic examination for early detection of gastric cancer.


Who will we work with?

We are planning to work with countries where there are high incidences of gastric cancer and H. pylori.  We will focus on working with medical professionals in these countries to promote awareness and to eliminate gastric cancer.

​We will begin our work with Bhutan, where the type of H pylori is similar to the type found in Japan. You can see the photos of Bhutan on our Facebook page!

​About us

Our purpose is to prevent gastric cancer in other countries by sharing Japanase medical technology with the world. 

The picture on the left shows the founders of the NPO.  They include endoscopists, physicians, radiologists, environmentalists, and scientists.  We will combine our knowledge and skills to solve problems.

​E-learning for endoscopic detection of early gastric cancer program started !